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An Amazing Divine Healing Miracle (My Personal Testimony)


All began before I was born, or should I say, before I was able to be born. When my mother was young, she visited a Christian church a couple of times. Therefore, she knew about the existence of the Great Creator of the Universe and heard about His power and His divine miracles. However, after getting married with my dad, she forgot about the church.

My parents wanted to have a child, but after trying for two long years, they noticed that something was wrong, because my mother never got pregnant. Therefore, they decided to visit various gynecologists, but to their unfortunate surprise, the doctors inform them that they were unable to find a womb inside my mother. My parents got very sad with this news.

On that moment of severe tribulation, my mother remembered the divine miracles she heard in a Christian church when she was younger. So, with a little bit of faith, she began to pray and asked the Great Creator of the Universe for a divine miracle. Actually, my mother made a pact with Him of becoming a Christian believer if He gave her a son.

After three desperate months, the miracle happened. My mother finally got pregnant. The pregnancy symptoms began, but when my parents went to the hospital the doctors diagnosed my mother with gastroenteritis (inflammation of the stomach and the intestines). Therefore, the doctors put my mother in a treatment against the gastroenteritis.

After beginning the treatment, my mother started to bleed profusely. Therefore, she returned to the hospital. This time, the doctors told my parents that my mother suffered a natural abortion and therefore, there was nothing left in my mother’s womb.

The doctors decided to scrape (clean) my mother’s womb. While they were preparing to do this, my mother’s neighbor, who was a member of the Christian church that my mother visited when she was younger, went to the hospital with other Christian friends to pray for her.

When these Christian friends were praying for my mother, she felt something that moved inside her womb. Then, the doctors arrived to begin the scrape, but my mother did not allow them to do it, because she felt me inside her womb. The doctors made my mother sign a waiver of responsibility, because according to them she had nothing in her womb and needed a scrape. At this moment, even some of my family members thought that my mother had nothing in her womb.

My parents went back home, and my mother prayed to the Great Creator of the Universe and asked for His perfect will. “Stop the bleeding or make me abort” was her prayer. Miraculously, the bleeding stopped. Until this moment, my mother wasn’t a believer yet, because she didn’t want to become a Christian, all she wanted was to have a son. She made just a half-made pact with the Great Creator of the Universe.

In the fence of my parents’ home, somebody left an invitation to visit an evangelic campaign. My mother decided to go, but just to listen, because she didn’t want to become a Christian. When the preacher made the call to the people to accept the Great Messiah as their savior, my mother didn’t want to do it, but suddenly, she felt the presence of the Parakletos so strong that captured her, and then, she decided to accept the Great Messiah as her only savior and redeemer. Later, my dad also accepted the Great Messiah as his only savior and he became one of the best Christians I have had the privilege to know. As a matter of fact, my father has been the co-pastor of his Christian church and Sunday School teacher.

When my mother was eight months pregnant, she felt childbirth pains. My parents went to the hospital and my mother asked the Great Creator of the Universe for a premature childbirth, because she was desperate. My father left my mother in the hospital and he went to look for my grandmother (on my mother’s side). When my father returned with my grandmother to the hospital, they didn’t find my mother in the hospital’s room in which my father left her. They got scared and asked for my mother and they were informed that she was already in the childbirth room.

When my father and my grandmother were walking in the hospital’s corridor, they heard the doctor of another patient talking in the corridor’s phone and saying that in the hospital was a childbirth that was “the devil itself.” When my dad and grandmother heard that, they asked about it and discovered that this doctor was talking about my birth. Immediately, my father and my grandmother felt to their knees in the very hospital’s corridor and they began to declare against the cursing words of the doctor who said that my birth was “the devil itself.” They interceded for my mother and me.

Various doctors went to assist in my birth, because there were a lot of complications. I was coming feet first instead of head first like it is supposed to be. It is obvious to me that the enemy didn’t wanted me to be born, but the final decision was made by the one who has all the power and authority, the Great Creator of the Universe. Finally, against all odds and weighting barely 4 pounds, I was born on December 24.

I was born without toes in my left foot and with deformed toes in my right foot. Also, I was born with a tumor that was hanging from my head. Because of my congenital conditions the doctors gave my parents the sad news that I was probably going to be mentally impaired and even paralytic.

I passed seven days in the hospital inside an incubator. As soon as I was released from the hospital, my parents took me to the house of my relatives (on my mother’s side) and they called their church’s Pastor to go there and pray for my congenital conditions.

When they were praying for me, the Great Creator of the Universe manifested Himself in a supernatural way. It was like a tornado that wanted to take out the windows of the house, including the house of my aunt which was on the second floor. Scared, my aunt and other relatives went down from the second floor to see what was happening on the first floor and to their surprise, they witness the mighty presence of the Great Creator of the Universe.

At the seventh day of the Great Creator of the Universe’s supernatural manifestation, another divine miracle happens in my life. Guess what? The tumor was gone from my head. Yahweh healed me leaving His mark on my head in the form of a small scar.

Since I was a child, the doctors diagnosed me with congenital instability, agenesis, scoliosis, and lumbar spine arthritis. On top of all that, when I was 42 years old, they also discovered that I have unilateral agenesis on my left side. I’m missing a kidney, a seminal vesicle, and some teeth on my left side. They told me that I was not going to be able to run, jump, walk long distances and even be on my feet for long periods of time. But, for the favor and mercy of the Great Creator of the Universe, I was a sprinter runner of 100 and 200 meters and even a long jump athlete. Also, I was a member of the United States Tennis Association (U.S.T.A.), and I even completed the World Best 10K marathon with my awesome wife.

Regarding the diagnosis of mental disorder that doctors gave me at birth, I am glad to declare that the favor and mercy of the Great Creator of the Universe has been so great in my life that I have reached the following achievements, among others:

  • Master Degree in Adult Education and Distance Learning
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  • Supervisor Training Certificate from the School of Tomorrow (Accelerated Christian Education)
  • Certified Computer Technician & Certified Computer Technical Support by Brainbench
  • Certified Instructional Designer by the School of Professional Studies of Ana G. Méndez University System
  • Patented Curriculum: Repair and Maintenance in Microcomputers
  • Published author, magazine writer, and blogger